Hosted by our founder Candice Lam, Travel Impactful experienced a soft launch through an exciting inaugural trip to Puerto Rico in October 2021. We asked participants what they thought about Travel Impactful, and this was their response:

Michael speaks about his experience in the rainforest
Megan speaks about her experience in the rainforest

We also helped Brent to customise his trip to Puerto Rico and this is what he wrote about us:

“My wife and I live in Boston and desperately needed a break from Winter. Candice at Travel Impactful works near my office and is always telling me wonderful stories about her visits to Puerto Rico. We decided that we needed to do this and soon! Candice and her Travel Impactful team are very knowledge about flights going to and from San Juan and can advice you on how to find the best rates. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is relatively easy and affordable to fly from Boston to San Juan. In addition, Candice and her Travel Impactful team were able to put together a wonderful array of things to do in Puerto Rico.
The Travel Impactful team also introduced me to the idea of being a Flight Angel. Let me explain what a Flight Angel is because I didn’t know. A Flight Angel is a person that agrees to carry a dog or cat for adoption. I was a little reluctant to do this at first, but everything went smoothly. The Flight Angel team puts together all of the paperwork and arrangements for transporting the pet. Literally, all you need to do is pick the pet from a Flight Angel team member who waits for you curbside at the departure terminal and drop the pet off to an adoption family waiting at the baggage claim. The adoption families were so appreciative when I gave them their pets (my wife and I took four kittens to two different families). It felt great to know I played a part in giving these adorable kittens a healthy, loving home.
Candice and her Travel Impactful team have developed a great community in Puerto Rico and we hope to return soon.”