Wellness Retreat for Parents

6 Days

“Wellness Retreat for Parents” vacation: Yoga Retreat, Beach Wellness and Social Impact Tour in Puerto Rico

This boutique trip is all-inclusive; enjoy a stress free vacation. All you need to do is think about what time to show up as you are living in paradise.

Join us in Puerto Rico from February 22-27, 2024 to experience an amazing vacation that brings deep joy and satisfaction. Reset, recharge, and rejuvenate your soul through relaxation, reflection, and self-care practices. This trip is limited to 8 guests, and designed for parents who are:

  • Short tempered with your children.
  • Angry and burnt out with your children.
  • Frustrated that your children won’t listen without forcing or manipulating.
  • Ashamed for how you treat your children.
  • Insecure and overwhelmed by parenting.
  • You need a break and some time for yourself.
  • You are repeating negative patterns from your own childhood.
  • You want to learn some new parenting skills that will help create more connected relationships with your children. 

Unlock the beauty of the island of Puerto Rico in a way that a traditional package tour won’t allow and make connections that will change your perspective and last a lifetime. We aim to support local businesses and entrepreneurs through incorporating local services into the trip. For example, enjoy meals prepared by our personal chef.

We’ve curated a trip that not only immerses you in the culture but allows you to leave the country better than you found it. We don’t just sightsee—we immerse ourselves in the culture. We want you to savor every moment of your trip. That’s why we incorporate yoga and meditation — to ease away your stress.


  • Yoga, breath work and meditation workshops for self-healing and discovery
  • 2 nights at a yoga retreat center
  • 3 nights at a beautiful beach hotel in San Juan
  • Exploration of nature—beaches, waterfalls, rainforests
  • Nutritious and tasty meals with our in-house personal chef with local foods
  • Experience Puerto Rican culture and history
  • Salsa dancing lessons

Yoga Instructor

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Yoga Retreat and Tuesday’s intention-setting workshop will be led by our 5-start yoga instructor Daniella. To learn more about her, please visit this link to read her bio: https://travelimpactful.com/partners/.


You will be nourished with delicious and healthy plant-based meals during the yoga retreat. During the remaining days, our private chef will cook dishes inspired by the Puerto Rican cuisine. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options will be available upon request.

Social impact

Visit a local cocoa farm, Cacao 360, and talk to the founder to see how to promote and support her. By utilizing your skills to help Decenia, make her dream of supporting Puerto Rican farmers to stay in their homeland come true!

Post-Retreat Online Meet-Up
Following the retreat, there will be an on-line meet-up with all retreat participants. We will reflect on how things have changed in your families since the retreat as well as any specific questions or challenges that have since arisen. This follow-up get-together is included in the cost of the retreat. 

About Your Retreat Leader – Daniella Gould
This trip is lead by our yoga retreat partner Daniella.

Optional activities

-Night kayaking (from $59)
-Beach photoshoot ($80-$300 depending on the package)
-Watersports (price depends on activity)
-Become a Flight Angel (free)

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Wellness Retreat for Parents