Contemporary Art Tour

10 Days

Explore Venice‘s contemporary art scene, from the Venice Biennale to modern museums.
Discover the tranquility of the Venetian countryside with sustainable agritourism and farm-to-table dining.
Immerse yourself in Milan‘s vibrant contemporary art scene, visiting Fondazione Prada and Hangar Bicocca.
Experience the intersection of sustainability and art in Milan’s cultural institutions.
Indulge in the creative energy of Florence and Rome‘s modern art museums, avant-garde performances, and sustainable dining experiences.

Lead a free and fun trip to one of our destinations!

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Experience a profound revitalization, ready to embrace your fresh journey ahead. This excursion offers an immersive blend: 80% exploration of breathtaking sights, and 20% engagement with local NGOs, leaving a meaningful imprint on communities.

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Contemporary Art Tour