Why I love Milan, Italy


I am a student from Milan, Italy. I am currently an intern at Travel Impactful in Boston, Massachusetts.

I love traveling, and I have been to different destinations, both outside and in Europe. From my experience, I think that getting local advice is the best way to find out more about a city and also be safe while visiting. That’s why I am here to share some of my favorite spots but aso places where you have to go!

I grew up in Milan, and it is still one of my favorite places, as I think it is a perfect combination between historical spots, as well as places where you can have fun and get to know new people while enjoying the typical Italian culture. 

Great spots:

  • Lunch/Dinner: Tommasi (in Piazza Giovine Italia), Da Zero (pizza), Zakuro (Sushi), Mi Scusi (pasta), B Restaurant, Le Specialità (pizza).
  • Work: Teatro Litta (corso Magenta) outside if it is a good day, Feltrinelli, Università Statale di Milano (book spot with app Affluences).
  • Cafés/Bakery: Pasticceria Marchesi, Bar Leonardo, Pasticceria Di Lillo, Pasticceria Sissi, Pasticceria Galli.
  • Bars: Lubar, Terrazza Triennale, Brian&Barry Terrazza, Flow during spring/summer.
  • Restaurants: Al Fresco, Dal Bolognese, l’Uccellina, La Briciola, Paper Moon, Ribot Bistrot, Clotilde.

The neighborhoods, sights, walks, shops, and/or hidden gems you love to explore:

  • Brera: this is one of my favorite neighborhoods, which offers history and culture. It is very charming. It is famous for its cobblestone streets, art galleries, and a vibrant atmosphere. 
  • Duomo + Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: The Duomo is Milan’s cathedral, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is an historic part of Milan where you can notice its particular architecture while you do shopping.
  • Piazza Tommaseo (especially in spring): it is a square in the heart of Milan, and during the spring its greenery blossoms and it is the most magic place.
  • Santa Maria delle Grazie: it is a UNESCO-listed church in which you can find The Last Supper (Leonardo Da Vinci).
  • Corso Magenta: historic street in the heart of Milan (Personally one of my favorites)
  • Parco Sempione: urban park near the center (here you can see the Arch of Peace)
  • Vigna di Leonardo: vineyard near Santa Maria delle Grazie where you can explore Leonardo da Vinci’s agricultural legacy and enjoy wine tasting.
  • Villa Necchi: architectural gem in Milan of the early 20th century bourgeoisie with elegant interiors, beautiful gardens, and art collections.
  • Citylife: a modern urban development with a lot of green spaces, which symbolizes Milan’s transformation.
  • Castello Sforzesco: majestic medieval fortress and museum with art collections and historical artifacts.
  • Via Montenapoleone: luxury shopping street.

Your go-to place for a mani-pedi, blow-dry, spa day, etc.

  • go-to place for a mani-pedi: Chicchi Nails in Piazzale Baracca 
  • blow-dry: Sara Hilow (San Babila), On Hair (Piazza Giovine Italia), Tony & Guy, Rubertelli.
  • Spa day: QC Termemilano, Palazzo Parigi 

Essential services like co-working spaces, cafés with wifi, or yoga studios:

  • co-working spaces: YoRoom Coworking & Office

Things to know like: areas to avoid after dark, great neighborhoods to stay in:

  • Areas to avoid after dark when alone: certain parts of Porta Venezia, some parts of Porta Romana, Corso Como, Navigli, Stazione Centrale.
  • Great Neighborhoods: Brera, Duomo, Porta Nuova, Corso Magenta, Sant’Ambrogio.

Best way to get around (is the city walkable? How is public transport? Uber vs taxi?)

  • Public transport: efficient metro, tram, and bus network→ explore the city affordably DURING THE DAY. During the night they are closed and they would be dangerous. Pay attention to the metro during the day, because sometimes there are pickpockets.
  • Walking: the city is easily walkable
  • Taxis are cheaper than Uber, but they could be difficult to find especially during the night. Also, Uber does not work like in the US, it is only black Uber.

Any local customs to be aware of (skip the shorts, tampons not common, restaurants closed on Mondays, etc):

  • Dress code: fashion-forward city→ dress how you want 
  • Restaurant closures: many restaurants are closed on Mondays
  • Tampons: common 

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