Why visit Puerto Rico with Travel Impactful?

With Travel Impactful, you can discover your soul’s purpose, build unforgettable memories, and feel joyful, purposeful, loved, inspired, and rejuvenated. With a combination of relaxation, culture, impact, and community activities, there is plenty to gain when you travel with us.

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Why did we choose Puerto Rico for our trips?

  • No passport is needed since Puerto Rico is a US territory.
  • Very clean and safe, with modern infrastructure.
  • Short, direct flights from the eastern United States.
  • Rich, fascinating history with a fun environment – salsa and passionate music can be heard in the street
  • No Covid-19 test required.
  • Strict COVID protocols, with a near 80% vaccination rate.
  • Balmy average of 80°F – 85°F year-round.
  • Ample options for outdoor activities.
  • Kind and compassionate people.
  • English is widely spoken and you don’t need to speak Spanish to get around.
  • Currency is USD. Support the U.S. economy through tourism!

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