James Aliberti

Greetings! I’m James, originally from Boston but with a three-decade-long stint in California. I hold a BA in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA and an MS from Boston University’s College of Communication.

My interests span a wide spectrum: from networking with alumni and students to mingling with paleontologists and archaeologists. I revel in the company of friends and thrive in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and scuba diving.

A fervent advocate for wildlife and habitat sustainability, I volunteer my time planting rare native trees and shrubs, fostering a habitat for all creatures big and small. Through education, I aim to ignite a passion for ecology in both young and old, inspiring future park rangers, biologists, and scientists while championing the cause of fragile ecosystems and endangered species.

In my travels, which have taken me across Europe, Oceania, and extensively throughout the Americas, I’ve made authentic connections that transcend borders. With a background steeped in World Arts and Cultures, coupled with a passion for nature and the arts, I bring a diverse perspective to my interactions with people from all walks of life.

Here’s a fun tidbit about me: Despite being known as a master interpreter and wildlife enthusiast, many are surprised to learn about my musical endeavors. Yes, I sing in bands, write songs, lyrics, and poetry, and was once a track and field star. My multifaceted background serves as a reminder never to pigeonhole anyone. Looking forward to forging authentic connections in lush Puerto Rico and beyond!

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